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About Us 목록


HK Biotech, Global Leader in Anti-aging Bioindustry, produces health functional foods by unique biotechnologies.
HK Biotech provides Health Functional Foods prepared by new biotechnologies, which is the isolation of nutraceuticals from natural products, bioconversion by mushroom mycelial cultures, and microbial fermentations, to end users. All of which products are manufactured in GMP facilities and approved the functionality, safety, and stability by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Business Area

  • Health Functional Foods
    • Individually-approved health functional foods by MFDS
    • Registered health functional foods in KHFFS by MFDS
  • Natural Products
    • Herbal medicines for high blood pressure
    • Herbal medicine for Alzheimer disease
  • Anti-aging Cosmetics
    • Anti-aging natural cosmeceuticals
    • Botox-like coating cosmeceuticals
    • Skin regeneration cosmetics containing proteins from stem-cell cultures
  • Others
    • Anti-aging related functional food materials
    • Functional ingredients derived from stem-cell cultures

Our Unique Technology

  • Production of health functional foods and general food ingredients by mushroom mycelial culture technology.
  • Health functional food ingredients isolated from natural resources.
  • Health functional food ingredients produced by microbial fermentation technology.
  • Cosmeceuticals produced by stem cell cultures.

Our Excellences

  • 01

    Certified five individually-recognized health functional food ingredients by MFDS
    HK Natto Cultures, HK Shiitake Mushroom Mycelia, HK Lutein, CLA and CLA-TG
  • 02

    Development of newly-recognized health functional foods by multidisciplinary R&D
    Preventive materials of Alzheimer disease and Eritadenine for normal blood pressure
  • 03

    Collaborative R&D with big companies for developing health functional foods
    R&D with Amore Pacific Co.Ltd. for cosmetic ingredient developments
  • 04

    Supplying ingredients of health functional foods and cosmetics to big companies
    More than 20 internationally well-known companies: LG, SK, GNC, Hami, KT&G; etc.
  • 05

    International interdisciplinary R&D for developing health functional food ingredients
    GNU, KHU, Shimane U (Japan), U. Wisconsin-Madison (US), OSU (US) etc.