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in Anti-aging Bioindustry
HK Biotech.

As growing GLOBAL company, HK Biotech

HK Biotech was founded as a small laboratory in 1996, followed by establishing HK Biotech Co., Ltd. which is, in turn, growing to an outstanding GLOBAL company.
We are producing a variety of individually-recognized health functional food ingredients by MFDS that are approved as for only HK Biotech., Co. Ltd., and provide these ingredients to well-known big companies, like Hanmi pharmaceuticals, LG, KT&G, Pulmuwon and many more in Korea.

We are sustainably developing and producing health functional foods ingredients, dietary supplements, and new cosmetic ingredients through incorporation with universities and other research institutions. We will do our best to provide excellent health functional food and cosmetic ingredients, and dietary supplements to all customers.
Thank you.

Jeong O. Kim. CEO, Ph.D.