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HK Natto Culture Extract 목록

HK Natto Culture Extract

MFDS registered no. 2009-50

Individually-approved health functional food ingredient for smooth blood flow by MFDS

  • HK Natto Culture Extract

    Product name HK Natto Culture Extract
    Type of product Individually-approved health functional food (MFDS registered no. 2009-50) by MFDS
    Fibrinolytic activity 14,000 to 22,000U/g
    Functionality May help flow of blood by inhibiting platelet aggregation
    Daily intake 133 mg
    Shelf-life 24 months
    Packing unit 10 Kg (transparent LDPE bag)
    Characteristics of HK Natto Culture Extract
    It is a health functional food ingredient that was prepared from Bacillus subtilis natto culture extracts. Bacillus subtilis natto was cultured in liquid medium containing a defatted soy protein and maltose, filtered, and concentrated. The concentrate was mixed with Agaricus blazei mycelial culture extract and indigestible maltodextrin, and then spray dried to powder with fibrinolytic activity from 14,000 to 22,000U/g.
    Physiological activity Grade 2 approved by MFDS
    - Ingredients for health functional foods individually-approved by MFDS
    - Functionality of HK Natto Culture Extract was confirmed in short-term and long-term clinical trials in Koreans (Noh et. al., J. Life Sci. 19, 289-298, 2009).
    Standards and specifications
    - Appearance: Light yellow powder
    - Lead (mg/kg): 1.0 or less
    - Total arsenic (mg/kg): 1.0 or less
    - Cadmium (mg/kg): 1.0 or less
    - Total mercury ((mg/kg): 1.0 or less
    - Coliform group: negative
    Safety of Cheonggukjang and Natto
    - Cheonggukjang in Korea and Natto in Japan are fermented foods with B. subtilis natto on soybeans, and have been used as food for over 1,000 years.
    - In addition, in the United States, these have been registered as GRAS substances by the FDA as a food ingredient or food additive.
    - Currently, it is commercialized and sold as food ingredients and food additives in countries around the world.