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HK Lutein 목록

HK Lutein

MFDS registered no. 2008-58

  • HK Lutein

    Product name HK Lutein 10FL
    Type of product Individually-approved health functional food ingredient for eye health. Currently, listed on Korean Health Functional Food Standards Codex (KHFFSC)
    Features Yellowish red viscous liquid manufactured by dispersing lutein separated from Marigold flower petals in safflower seed oil.
    Biomarker Lutein 120-180 mg/g
    Health claims Helps eye health by maintaining the density of macular pigment reduced due to aging
    Daily intake 20 mg lutein
    Shelf-life 24 months
    Packing unit 10 Kg
    Mechanism of HK Lutein's Eye Protection Action - Maintaining pigmentation in the macula of the eye and preventing age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
    - Lutein is a major yellow pigment in the macula, the central part of the retina, of the eye, and responds to light stimulation in the macula.
    - Lutein maintains the density of macular pigment that can be reduced due to aging, and so help eye health.